Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) will be the significant reason for blindness in the us throughout person’s over second there, 55 years old. 1 AMD damages the actual retinal tissues from the macular area producing fine pigmentary stippling, retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) alterations, and also the development associated with drusen. 2 Drusen are the precipitation associated with cell waste materials from the RPE. Reviews estimate which over 17 million grownups in the us at this time suffer from AMD. Some of these similar reports estimate that this may go up to help 25 million by the 12 months 2010. (source: Discovery UK)


Standard therapies offer you zero remedy for macular degeneration. Nevertheless, the latest remedy associated with acupuncture points while using microcurrent excitement has shown guaranteeing and in many cases remarkable brings about ending and preventing the outcomes of the effects associated with macular degeneration. Link between professional medical studies point out which microcurrent excitement may enhance the cell ATP synthesizing features, particularly from the retina, and thus produce a way to improve aesthetic acuity for AMD sufferers. Microcurrent excitement associated with acupunc-ture points is now the only practical choice for all those struggling with AMD.

Investigation and Medical Scientific tests

May Audience, M . D ., any neuroretinologist, and Grace Halloran, PhD, accomplished any twice shades examine which mentioned results via micro-current excitement for sufferers using Age-related Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Stargardt’s illness, along with retinal ailments. Damon R. Burns, M. Debbie., features published the actual professional medical results of the primary 120 sufferers this individual dealt with for AMD using microcurrent therapy which exhibited important advancement. An initial record about dealing with AMD using auricular acupuncture and electric Acupuncture ended up being given through Alston Lundgren. M . D .. This examine required only 10 individuals, and also exhibited important advancement for most sufferers. In every one of these studies, just about all microcurrent ended up being shipped to the actual retina through acupuncture points.


Over a one-year interval 49 sufferers were been competing in the application of self-treatment using microcurrent excitement associated with acupuncture points for dealing with AMD. Treatment method required the application of any microcurrent stimulator to take care of acupuncture points encircling the actual eyes. The microstimulator which was utilized ended up being the actual MicroStim 100®. The stimulator ended up being accustomed to deliver micro-current on 250 to help 900 microAmps for 5 moments. Patients were in addition intelligent throughout the application of vitamins and minerals deemed supporting for ocular problems.

Final results

49 sufferers utilized microcurrent excitement to take care of acupuncture points close to the eye. The typical age associated with sufferers ended up being 77. 6 a long time. Treatment method ended up being 2 to 3 instances each day, each day. Visible acuity and VF-14 assessments were performed every three months. Of such preliminary forty-two (42) sufferers, thirty five (85. 7%) exhibited advancement throughout aesthetic acuity associated with 2 traces or even more. Three (3) sufferers exhibited advancement of 1 distinctive line of aesthetic acuity. A couple (2) sufferers exhibited zero advancement. And another (1) sufferer missing 1 distinctive line of aesthetic acuity. The typical adjust throughout aesthetic acuity for those sufferers ended up being +2. 88 traces. VF-14 examination results exhibited a positive adjust associated with typically 35 points. ConclusionIt is essential to remember which macular degeneration can be nearing plague numbers in the us. Investigation and professional medical studies verify the potency of using microcurrent excitement to take care of macular degeneration. AMD along with identical retinal ailments are usually usually untreatable the slightest bit, generating electric acupuncture the only latest practical choice for all those struggling with this particular devastating illness. Doctor. Fran Rossen formulated the first process for using microcurrent excitement to take care of RP and AMD. I have to give thanks them for the revolutionary analysis and development.